Management of Change – Gosfield Park

Management of Change – Gosfield Park


According to Porsi, change management is the process, tools & techniques to manage the people side of change to achieve a required business outcome.

According to, change management is a systematic approach to dealing with change both from the perspective of an organization and the individual.

Change is unavoidable thing in every aspect of life, it is same for the business world. No business can bypass change. If change is not accepted & implemented then it can affect the future growth of organization. Organizations delay accepting the change. They accept the change when it is the only remaining option with them. At this last moment, it will become very difficult to make & sustain the change. Very few organizations have a culture of implementing the change smoothly. In most of organizations, friction will happen when change comes into picture.

On the off chance that change is not acknowledged and executed then it can influence the future development of association. Associations defer tolerating the change. They acknowledge the change when it is the main outstanding alternative with them. At this last minute, it will turn out to be exceptionally hard to roll out and support the improvement. Not very many associations have a culture of executing the change easily. In the vast majority of associations, erosion will happen when change comes into picture.

Before applying any change, organizations must do assessment of Need for Change. Organization must evaluate its current status & it should compare it with its long term & short term goals. This evaluation will give the correct idea about if it need change or not. Also, it will give the idea about, why change is required.

If there is difference between current strategy & the required strategy to achieve its goals; then organization should make a plan or strategy. According to the strategy, it should make changes in its current business operations, business moves, business transaction etc. Strategy or plan is basically a connector of the current situation to a goal in future.

Key Points in Case:

Family owned business, country estate, full time & part time staff, change, change management, pushing the change, change consultants, key associates, grapevine, communication.

Content and analysis:

Gosfield park is a country estate in North Brentshire. It is spread over 2500-hectare area. It is owned by Kennedy family since fifteenth century. Currently Mr. Patric Gosfield & Mr. Sebastian Gosfield are owners of the estate. The estate has farms, public house, cottages, restaurant, farm shop etc. They have successfully organized opera events, jazz concerts, open air plays, national coemptions, classic car shows, shooting competition, dog shows etc. The park has gained good reputation since last two decades because of successfully organizing these programs. Recently they have constructed an arena with a capacity of 2000 people. Park attract more than 1,00,000 visitors every year. The park employs 25 full time & 30-part time employees. Many of the employees are working with park since many years. These employees consider themselves as extended Gosfield family. The bond between the employees & owners is healthy & strong. Everyone call everybody by their first name & owners enjoy their barbeque with the employees regularly.

Owners of the park are thinking about the growth of park. They want to use maximum potential of the business. They want to build a new country holiday complex on 500 hector land in park. It will have 30 lodges for guest & their families for enjoy & relax. Gosfield family can fund most of the capital requirement for this expansion plan. They might need very small amount as a loan from bank.

But their concern is change management. They have done some changes earlier & they appointed consultants for handling the change. Consultants didn’t communicated information to employees, few employees lost their jobs suddenly. They felt that they are not a part of this business & they were treated as a factory workers who does not belong to the business. Overall the change was not managed properly.

They have done a few changes before and they named advisors for dealing with the change. Specialists didn’t imparted data to representatives, couple of workers lost their employments abruptly. They felt that they are not a piece of this business and they were dealt with as an assembly line laborers who does not have a place with the business. By and large the change was not overseen legitimately.

Now, owners are aware that they must made the change communicated to all employees earlier. They took care that no employee should lose the job. Instead of that, they will need additional manpower. But grapevine of new expansion is already started flowing in organization. Some of the employees started reacting on that. They started feeling that, someone will lose the job this time & owners must have informed employees about this change much earlier.

Kennedy brothers want to implement Developmental Change. They have assessed their current business. They have a goal of growth in their mind. They want achieve their growth or development goals. Hence it is a developmental change. The park has farms, public house, cottages, restaurant, farm shop etc. as business units. It is spread over 2500 hectors of land. Many hectors of land are still unused. They organize opera events, jazz concerts, open air plays, national coemptions, classic car shows, shooting competition, dog shows etc. every year. These all events attract 1,00,000 visitors every year to the park. If we calculate daily average visitors then the number will be 273 visitors per day. That means average 273 visitors visit the park every day. If we compare 2500 hector area with daily 273 visitors then it doesn’t make any sense. The park has to improve its daily footfall otherwise it can go into loses or stuck at the current state of business. For improving the foot fall it is necessary to improve attractions in the park. So that more & more new visitors will come to visit new attractions in the park. The owners want to build 30 new lodges over 500 hectors of land. This will be new development & attraction in the park. Visitors will come to relax & enjoy their stay in comfortable & affordable country estate park. This will add new stars to the park business & it can achieve new heights in this business.

Kennedy brothers are implementing developmental change which is very good for their expansion. With previous experience of change, they have decided to inform their employees about this expansion in advance. I think this decision is very professional & will mention bond in between the employee & employers. In Gosfield park, employees are working from many years. They think themselves as extended Gosfield family. They expect that owners will inform them whatever new changes are there. If the owners inform employees in advance then there won’t be any grapevines. People will have clear idea about future & there won’t be any confusion in employees. Employees won’t be under stress of losing their jobs. They will know that; their job is safe & they can work in the park as long as they want.

Gosfield park can use Kotters 8 step change theory. Under this theory first the owners will identify & increase the urgency for change. Then they will make a core team for change & make vision for change. Then senior management will communicate the need of change to its employees. They empower the staff, they motivate the staff for change. When employees understand the motives behind the change & they get to know that it is safe for them, their job won’t be under risk then employees will start cooperate. They will take part in the change whole heartedly. Then short term goals must be created & continuous efforts should be done to achieve these goals. When change is done then efforts should be done to make it consistent.

Communication Management Plan

Information to be communicated

Information about future expansion plan of 30 lodges must be shared. What will be job availabilities after the change must be shared. Change in job profiles should be shared.

Communication Objectives

Change management should be communicated with the following objectives:

  • To have clear idea about change in the minds of employees.

  • To have no confusion in the minds of employees.

  • To have clear idea about their future in the minds of employees

To whom the information will be communicated

Information must be communicated to stake holders of the Gosfield park. Stakeholders includes employees, investors, suppliers and owners.

Format and delivery mechanism for the communication

Communication must be done in the written & oral format.

Stakeholders should be made aware about change in a general meeting. In this meeting, owners will give detailed idea about change.

After that written information must be shared through mail & printed circular.

When to communicate the information

Information should be communicated as early as possible. As soon as the details of change are finalized, the information should be shared with stake holders.

Change must be communicated first to senior management & then to mid & junior level of management.

Responsible for communicating the information

Owner of Gosfield park & top management are responsible for communicating the information.

Supervisors & Junior managers are responsible to inform change to class four employees. Employees will understand change & ask queries, if they have any.

Who will authorize to communicate the information

Owner of Gosfield park & top management are authorize for communicating the information

How changes in the communication process be managed

Communication process must be well defined. But sometimes communication must be changed as per requirement.

Flow of communication

Flow of communication will go from owners to stake holders. Owners will communicate in a general meeting to all the stake holders. Also, written communication is done through senior management to employees.

Escalation process to resolve any communication-based conflicts or issues

If any employee has any issue in the communication process then he/she will raise this issue in front of their immediate seniors. Seniors will try to solve the issue, but if they are not able to solve the issue then they will send the issue to seniors. If unsolved then the issue can be taken till owners of the park.


Gosfield park is a country park with Kennedy family since more than five decades. Present owners Petric & Sebastian are taking are of current business. They want to expand current business by starting new lodges in the park. Business has its own capital for expansion, they might need very small loan from banks. They have a main issue of change management. Park has employees, who are working since many years. These employees expect to know the change well in advance & want to secure the jobs after the change.

That’s why the owners of the park have decided to handle the change with care, they don’t want to mismanage the change like last time. They want to communicate the change in advance with the employees & they want to safeguard the jobs of employees.

Consultants should be introduced to implement changes. Consultants should be made aware about the culture of the organization. Change is important but not with the cost of confusion & job cuttings. Jobs must be increased instead of reduction. Some employees will get new job profiles after the change, these employees must be made aware about the new job profile. Change must be taken as a growth opportunity.



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