Strategic Management: Detailed solution of Case

Strategic Management: Detailed solution of Case


  1. To understand strategic Management & its use

  2. To learn various perspectives in strategic management.

  3. To learn implementation of strategic management in organizations

Part I

Section A

  1. Yes. Strategic management Is implemented for long term goal achievement & growth.

  2. Yes. It is imperative to recognize objectives and strategy since objectives are the targets which associations need to accomplish and strategy is path to accomplish these goals.

  3. Yes. Each corporate association needs cash for survival and development. Without cash association won’t work.

  4. No. Positioning is the place which mark possesses in client’s psyche.

  5. No. Sensible incremental system is not a one-time basic leadership. It is persistently settling on little choices and making changes through its criticism.

Section B


Indigo airline is a Delhi based low cost Indian airline. It is in aviation business from last 11 years. It operates to 918 flights in 48 locations (41 in India & 7 in abroad) daily. The organization follows low cost carrier model. They focus on low cost model where they don’t provide free additional services to customers. For every extra service, they charge separately to customers. As a part of strategy, company use only A320 airplanes. They use similar sitting arrangement in every airplane. The airplane has a turnaround time of 20 minutes. This strategy has resulted successfully & it has become largest low cost carrier in Asia.

Kingfisher Airline

Kingfisher airline is a group company of United Breweries India. It was started in the year 2003. Within a span of 6 years it became second largest carrier in India. Kingfisher came into news by providing premium services at a low cost. The airline offered cheap flight tickets with premium experiences. Many of the flyers transferred to kingfisher from other airlines. The airline made its name but it was never profitable. It was offering premium services at very cheap rates which started causing loss. Losses went out of hand the company had no option to close down its business. The airline went out of business from 2013.

Indigo & Kingfisher adopted low price model. Indigo kept its expenses low by not giving free services while Kingfisher tried to acquire customer by providing premium services in low cost. Indigo model become successful & Kingfisher is out of business.

Part II

Section A

  1. a

  2. d

  3. b

  4. e

  5. c

  6. a

  7. c

  8. b

  9. a

  10. e

Section B

Companies has two expansive sort of resources. One is material assets and other is HR. Material assets will incorporate land, building, hardware, innovation and so on. HR will incorporate impermanent and perpetual representatives, top managerial staff, counsels and so on. Material assets will require for accomplishment in any business. Crude material, hardware, money related support and so on will be required for any sort of generation. Any business won’t keep running without human capital. You will dependably require representatives, chiefs, bookkeepers, counsels and so on to easily work organization operations. Subsequently a wide range of assets are required to accomplish authoritative goals.

Part III

Section A

Question 1

  1. I offer sweet and Awesome taste to individuals’ tongues.

  2. I offer trouble free and pleasant visits.

  3. I am in the matter of offering contemplations and trade for auto creator.

  4. I give family necessities at lower cost.

  5. I offer dream homes.

Question 2

If I would be a stakeholder in House Builder then I would focus on following measurements

  1. Daily customer footfall

  2. Monthly advertisements in various media

  3. Monthly sales of properties

  4. Target vs performance of sales people

  5. Monthly building completion status

  6. Monthly total sales

  7. Total advance collected from customers

  8. Monthly bills payable to suppliers

  9. Total number of raw material orders

  10. Availability of raw materials

Part IV

IndiGo is a Gurgaon, Haryana based Indian company. It is in aviation business. It is in business from year 2006. It is in low cost airline business. Their mission is to provide quality service with safety.

SWOT Analysis


  1. Solid support Promoters

  2. It is one of the biggest low cost air carriers in India

  3. Great publicizing and advertising procedures have expanded its image review

  4. Great market share


  1. Comparatively less routes

  2. Negligible presence on world map


  1. New international routes

  2. People’s increasing earning

  3. Increasing spending & traveling habits of Indians


  1. Rising petrol cost

  2. Increasing employee cost.

  3. Uncertainty in world


Strategy is one of the most astounding imperative territory of any business. Strategies must be made to get most extreme benefits yet in the meantime practical advancement of association must be remembered. Different parts of HR must be taken care of painstakingly while executing any system. Methodology ought to be actualized effectively and opportune.



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